It is difficult to choose toys that develop a baby's senses. Check out this little guide to find the right playthings for your baby.

Simple toys for babies from two to six months of age

At two months, your toddler begins to develop emotionally. He begins to smile for the first time. You want to do everything you can to keep him awake. This is when your toddler discovers many things. To awaken his senses, choose simple games that don't tire him out. Colourful toys attract your baby's attention. He will concentrate much more on the colours. This can calm him down when he cries and also helps him to concentrate on simple information. Around three to four months, your little one will start to discover his five senses. He begins to tap. Offer him toys with different textures to amuse him. Choose musical soft toys to use as lullabies. As for the sense of smell, toys are less common. However, you can buy books in specialty stores where every page is scented. As for taste and sight, choose an awakening mat for his development and safe toys that he can put in his mouth. At five months of age, take your baby with you and have him touch real things to help him discover his environment. At about six months, you can dance with your little angel and get him moving by trying to keep a rhythm.

Toys for stimulation up to one year of age

From six months to a year, the child develops very quickly. They can better coordinate sight and touch. The best early learning games are the ring pyramids of different sizes and colours to encourage motor development. You can also offer him cubes of different colours. The drum is also an excellent choice for the development of his coordination. Apart from toys, you can start singing nursery rhymes accompanied by hand gestures. You can ask your child to imitate your hand gestures for fun. These hand games will awaken his memory. The repetition of the gestures develops his sense and vocabulary. Books or electronic games adapted to his young age are ways to contribute to his development.

Early learning games for children aged 1 to 2 years old

It is from the age of 1 year that the child has good motor skills. It is necessary to take advantage of it to make him discover colouring. This activity frees his hand and improves his learning of colours. From 15 months, play hide-and-seek and chase games with your child. With these games, he starts to take the initiative. Encourage him to take small actions. Develop his vocabulary and sense of observation by knowing the seasons, for example: snow falling is winter, the leaves of red or orange trees mark the fall season, etc. Follow these few tips to ensure and awaken his physical, psychological and emotional well-being.