Before modern medicine, early people used various natural treatments to cure different diseases. You’ve probably heard of trees and plants used as medicine. In addition to living things, early people used specific natural stones to cure the body and mind. This process is what is referred to as lithotherapy. This article discusses lithotherapy in detail and examines one of the best natural stones used for healing, emerald.

History of lithotherapy

It is almost impossible to trace the origin of this healing technique. Somehow, it has always existed. Crystal and stone healing has accompanied human beings since the beginning of history. Nonetheless, the first use of stones for healing can be traced back to Japan and China. History has it that crystals have been used as medicine by the Chinese for over 5000 years. With time, this knowledge spread to other parts of the world. There are recorded cases of lithotherapy in America, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Egypt. However, it was until the 20th century that the term lithotherapy was used. It appeared in a book by Philippe Sorr, Revue d’Histoire la Pharmacie. Before that, there was no official term used to describe mineral and stone healing. It is worth noting that the stone itself does not have powers that will magically make you feel better. No, that’s not the case. There is a way it has to be used for it to provide the desired effect. That’s why it is crucial to learn the properties of a particular natural stone and understand how its properties can help you before purchasing it. That said, let us learn more about emerald stones.

Virtues of emeralds

Also known as Panna stones, emeralds are beautiful, and they are associated with great healing power. The stone makes beautiful natural stone jewellery, and it is quite common among girls. It is believed to be from the planet mercury. If planet mercury is placed in your favour in your horoscope, the stone will make you go no way but up. To help you understand this natural stone even better, here are a few quick facts about it: • The messenger of the gods before Christ, Hermes, was connected to emeralds, and the stone was believed to help with eloquent speaking and to tell the truth.

• It is found only in green colour. It is believed that the deeper the colour green, the higher the value of the stone.

• Between 1200 and 1500 AD, the Aztecs used emeralds to represent good luck and fertility. They referred to the stone as the “stone of the earth. “Egyptian pharaohs recognized the value of these stones.

• The Romans believed that Panna stones are connected to the goddess of love, Venus. They also believed the stone signified spring and growth.

• The oldest stone date back more than 2.97 billion years ago

• Some Christians believed emeralds were connected to Lucifer during medieval times, and they came from his crown.

• Emeralds have been used in modern times to treat skin conditions, nervous disorders, and speech-related issues.

• Emeralds are traditional gifts for wedding anniversary, especially the 20th, 35th, and 55th anniversaries.

• Cleopatra valued emeralds so much that she took ownership of all mines in Egypt to get stones of the highest quality and keep them to herself.

• Old legends claim that putting the stone under a person’s tongue can help them tell the truth and even protect them from evil spirits.

Now, let us look at the uses of emeralds

Wisdom and intellect

As per records, Panna stones represent planet mercury. That said, it is believed that planet mercury rules intellect. Therefore, if you wear a Panna stone, it will add you wisdom and improve your intellectual power. Stones for wisdom and intellect are best suited for scholars. You can use one as a student to improve your scores.


According to early astrologers, emeralds can improve a person’s imagination and make them think more creatively. As a writer, artist, or media person, using the right stone can increase your innovation and make the world appreciate you more.

Financial growth

Emeralds are often used as symbols of prosperity. If you use the right Panna stone, it can increase your profits and get you to the peak of your business success. Ancient astrologers recommend this stone to individuals in the banking, shares, textile, and practically any industry. It can also help other professions like lawyers, doctors and IT staff in the field of research.


When used appropriately, emeralds can help enhance a person’s communication skills. It bestows confidence to the wearer and improves their power of expression. With such traits, people are likely to get your ideas better, which will make them appreciate you more. This can be a vital character, especially for leaders.

Physical health

Emeralds have been used for over 5,000 years to treat various medical conditions, including skin-related problems and nervous system problems. This stone is also perfect for pregnant ladies as it reduces stress levels and can help with labour pains. You just need to find yourself the right stone and use it well.

Marriage and love

Romans believed that emeralds are connected to Venus, the goddess of love. This means wearing the stone can make you more fortunate in love and make your marriage more peaceful, happier, and full of love. It is believed that the stone provides a person with positive thoughts and helps get rid of past and bad memories.

Tips for choosing Panna stones

Choosing the best Panna stones is an art. It is imperative to differentiate between natural Panna stones and lab created synthetic stones. Keep in mind that natural emeralds will always have some impurities since the gemstone is often a composition of several elements. Synthetic Panna stones, on the other hand, are flawless and transparent. That said, here is a few tips that can help you purchase the most natural Panna stones.

Always buy from a trusted jeweller

More often than not, untrustworthy jewellers will lie to you about the quality of the natural stone jewellery in their stores. That’s why it is vital to buy from someone with a trustworthy brand, one that hundreds of people have bought from without any complaints. Such a jeweller will help you make an informed decision and not make you pay a lot of money for something synthetic.

Always buy a treated Panna stone

Speak to the jeweller and ask him if the stones on his shop are treated. Go ahead and ask for details of the treatment. Also, ensure that the stone has been examined for fillers. Only purchase it if you are satisfied with the answers provided. Better yet, ask an independent lab to test the stone for you.

Consider the stone’s hue

Hue refers to the purity of a natural stone’s colour. Typically, a natural Panna stone has a blue-green tint, although some have a yellow-green tint. The most natural stone will have a strong green colour.

Examine the tonal colour of the stone

Tonal colour is the lightness or darkness of the Panna stone. Typically, the stones range from light to very dark. The best stone will fall towards the darker side.

Consider the cut

Typically the stones are available in various shapes, and no shape is technically more valuable than the other. However, some shapes reflect light slightly better than others. That’s why rectangular cuts are often more recommended. However, you can still use circular, oval, and pear cuts.

Consider the weight of the stone

Typically, the larger the stone, the heavier it will weigh and the more it will cost. Therefore, always consider the size of the stone before purchasing it.

Consider the origin of the stone

Panna stones are mined in various countries, including Russia, Zambia, Nigeria, Madagascar, and some South American countries. They are all of high quality, but ones from Colombia and Brazil are often considered superior to the others.


Who can wear Panna stones? These fascinating stones can be worn by anyone who wants to:

• Increase their profits

• Increase their intellectual power and wisdom

• Find true love and stick in a marriage

• Improve their communication skills

• Improve their physical health

• Fix nervous related problems and skin issues However, people with the following characteristics should avoid wearing the stone:

• Individuals who have negatively placed mercury

• Individuals with allergic reactions to natural stones

• People who often get their things stolen

• People who love lying and scamming others

What are the alternatives to Panna stones?

If you don’t want to use a Panna stone because of your own reasons, you can always try out its alternatives. These alternatives include:


Peridot is a bright looking gemstone that belongs to the Olivine mineral family. The stone is mined in different countries globally, including Tanzania, China, Egypt, and Australia. It is slightly more affordable than a Panna stone, and it still has litho therapy benefits.

Green Tourmaline

Tourmaline gemstones are available in various colours, including black, pink, brown, and green. The stone is slightly more affordable than emeralds, and it still has several benefits that Panna stones have.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have learnt everything you need to know about Panna stones. Now, you can shop with confidence and enjoy the many benefits that come with the stone. Also, share this piece with your friends and feel free to leave feedback.