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Lithotherapy virtues of emeralds

Before modern medicine, early people used various natural treatments to cure different diseases. You’ve probably heard of trees and plants used as medicine. In addition to living things, early people used specific natural stones to cure the body and mind….

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Trendy gift ideas for a young mother

When it comes to giving a gift, the choice is always difficult. You have to know how to reconcile between what the person wants, the budget reserved for the gift and what you would like to give him or her….

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What kind of care or massage to offer to a young mother?

The lexical field of the word pregnancy including childbirth, body all stretched and tired, old age, stretch marks … worries mothers. They ask themselves questions about: how to pull themselves together? No need to worry about that kind of thing…

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Jewellery ideas for a young mother to give as a gift

Jewellery is one of the most popular gift items for birthdays, anniversaries, New Year’s Eve and newborn babies. Jewellery sets are an accessory with a strong symbolism, which explains the craze for them. The choice of jewellery is so vast…

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