Your baby needs to develop his 5 senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste) to understand his environment. Everything he sees and touches will bring him information that he will store in his brain. The sensory cushion is an object that will allow him to stimulate one of his senses: touch.

Reasons to stimulate your child's senses

A sensory cushion seems like an ordinary object, but it can help your boudchou understand his world. Every sensation, even the simple contact with a cushion sends information to your child's brain and helps him to understand certain things. The development of your child's senses starts as early as the pregnancy period. In just eight weeks of pregnancy, your unborn baby has sensory receptors such as the taste receptor to help him get used to his future life. At birth, your baby will not be able to understand anything. However, everything your baby sees, touches and feels will help him or her gradually learn about his or her new world. Sensory cushions help develop your child's visual and tactile sensations.

A sensory cushion to stimulate your boudchou's senses

By his ninth month, your baby can tell the difference between certain things. To encourage his sensory exploration, you can offer him a sensory cushion. These are designed with different materials so that your boudchou can distinguish between soft materials and rough, elastic or soft materials with a simple roll of the fingers. The cushions come in different colours so that his brain can recognize the different shades. From the sixth month, your baby will want to let off steam on the playful little cushions. At this time, he will be content to take them out of their storage space one by one. He will take his time to smell the cushions, stroke them and throw them away most of the time. He will pair the cushions according to their colour and texture when he is over eight months old. At 2 years of age, your child will be able and will frequently want to sort and put the cushions in their respective pockets. In addition to developing his sense of touch, the cushions also improve your child's sense of observation.

Easily obtain sensory cushions

A sensory cushion allows you to promote, but above all to awaken your baby's development. You can find a wide range of cushions online. A few web searches will allow you to obtain the cushions according to their shapes, materials and colours. Buying online gives you the possibility to have your cushions delivered to your home. You won't need to go anywhere. The merchant sites detail the characteristics of the cushions, which will allow you to choose your models. Prices are also displayed.