Baby Gifts

Baby gift ideas to customize

Having a baby is one gift, giving a brand at birth is another. How can we not bring something more marked to the parents? Everyone’s thoughts when visiting newborns. But although the baby is unique, why not offer more original…

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The cotton sensory cushion: a new trendy idea for baby gifts ?

Your baby needs to develop his 5 senses (touch, smell, hearing, sight and taste) to understand his environment. Everything he sees and touches will bring him information that he will store in his brain. The sensory cushion is an object…

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What is the ideal age for a baby photo shoot?

Babies grow up very fast and parents want to capture every moment with them. Photography makes it possible to immortalize these moments of happiness forever. Organising a family photo session is a great idea. It’s an opportunity to create a…

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What kind of games to give a baby?

It is difficult to choose toys that develop a baby’s senses. Check out this little guide to find the right playthings for your baby. Simple toys for babies from two to six months of age At two months, your toddler…

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