Having a baby is one gift, giving a brand at birth is another. How can we not bring something more marked to the parents? Everyone's thoughts when visiting newborns. But although the baby is unique, why not offer more original and exceptional gifts? To give you more ideas, here is a guide that will make it easy for you to find yourself in the embarrassment of giving a gift to a baby.

A unique gift in his name

Think about giving simple gifts for a newborn baby, mark its growth with unforgettable and unique gestures. Even gifts that will mark these memories and his childhood, with jewellery or more modern photos. For example, packs of photo shoots with the baby and its mother. These captures will be memorized forever, recalling the wonders of the baby's childhood. You can also accompany the shooting with a small album where these moments of happiness predominate. Several ideas surface after a few thoughts: such as baby accessories, and baby gift ideas to personalize as a souvenir brand, and many more.

Childcare accessories

Deign, parents buy accessories long before the baby is born. Without doing so much, you can help them provide these needs. Accompanying loving gestures, you can personalize your gifts. Engrave the baby's name, or just his or her first name on the accessories most used at birth. A little bib with his name on it, the little bathrobe in the crib or the beautiful cuddly toy that auntie and uncle gave him. Lots of baby gift ideas to personalize can come to mind, even most accessories. Even a bottle engraved with a wish or a name will do the trick. Just graffiti and you're done. Packs of mother and child accessories are also appearing on the childcare market.

A souvenir brand for the baby

You can also engrave on objects the date of his birth to make it more original. For a baby, a necklace will be much heavier for its first two years. Opt more for a personalized gourmet or a small bracelet with its initial. The most chosen of the market, the small jewels will not risk to be out of fashion by time. Not only the jewels, but you also have the small stuffed animals. Soft and silky, these baby gift ideas to be personalized with his first name. Love makes gestures more important, you can mark your intentions symbolically with these beautiful surprises. "When you were little, you got this from your auntie or uncle", who doesn't want to hear that? Your gestures of love will be engraved in her memories.