Babies grow up very fast and parents want to capture every moment with them. Photography makes it possible to immortalize these moments of happiness forever. Organising a family photo session is a great idea. It's an opportunity to create a memorable and unforgettable experience. Getting a beautiful picture is simple, but you still need to know the most appropriate moments. Parents often wonder what is the ideal age for a photo shoot. The best trick is to wait for each major stage of its development. This way, the different pictures will be authentic and meaningful.

The first days of the newborn

It was all too obvious, the first few days after the baby is born are crucial. In the first few months of its development, it will start to change overnight. Since his face will no longer have quite the same structure, it would be ideal to immortalize this first pure face. These little shots in a sleeping pose are the cutest. They exude a rare and striking purity. At this age, his sleep is light and he is much less agitated. Taking a few shots here is child's play. Later, he will wake up to the world and be less patient. On his back or stomach, all poses are allowed. We accessorize the decor with a basket and sheets that will wrap him peacefully.

The first months of the baby's life

At this stage, he will have grown a lot and will no longer be a newborn, but a baby. Significant changes are then noticed in him. Not surprisingly, he will have trouble sleeping and will start to cry several times during the day. Patience will not be one of his best virtues. So, we will think about shortening the time of the baby photo session. Beyond a certain length of time, it will be impossible to obtain a correct picture. At this point, he will still have grown a lot and many other changes will occur, making each moment unique. This transformation is fascinating and this time we will try to get a little smile.

The baby at 4 or 6 months

He's definitely changed a lot and his face is simply glowing. His soft skin and chubby little cheeks will melt the photographer. During the session, instead of putting him to sleep, it's better to play with him. These mimics, accompanied by his fleeting laughter, will result in joyful photos. From time to time, he will make unusual poses and his wide-open eyes will be wonderful to contemplate. It is also possible to disguise him for Christmas or Halloween. With a red cap and little black ones, you can only crack in front of this face.