Our lives are marked by all the great events that take place there and we all want to keep a record of that. Souvenirs are the best way to do this. And to surprise your guests a little, why not be the one to offer a gift instead of receiving? There are different things you can give.

Edible gifts

There are shops that offer customizations according to your choice. Whether it's on their catalogue or one of your own ideas. The gift for christening guests will be completely in your image. Most guests opt for edible gifts such as candy or cookies. Personalization can be done on the items themselves or on their container such as the box or bag where they will be placed. A picture of the child can be put on these containers or illustrations of your choice that would make these items special. As for the gift itself, you can choose any type of food: apart from sweets or cookies, it can be jam, or a small sample of wine.

Inedible gifts

You can also opt for items that guests will actually be able to keep. You can give them a mug with a picture on it, or for slightly cheaper gifts, such as badges with pictures and phrases that they will remember for a long time. For items that can follow everyone everywhere, why not a personalised key ring? You can also choose to give them a pen with engravings on it, married with a small notebook of the same style. A perfume in a small, nicely decorated bottle will also make a beautiful gift for christening guests. This is something that almost everyone likes. Nowadays one must always be presentable and so one must always make sure of one's appearance. To do this, offer a small personalized pocket mirror.

Other ideas

You may decide to buy your gift items in shops. There are those that sell them at very affordable prices, so you wouldn't spend too much. You can also offer small plants as gifts for christening guests. This little living thing would really be a lasting memory for your guests. As long as the plant lives, everyone will always remember this happy event. You can also make your own gifts. Small homemade objects will show your guests how important they are to you. You can choose between edible or durable gifts. For example, you can make your own cookies or macaroons to give to your guests. Or you can make your own handbag jewellery.