Gift ideas for a secular baptism

Published on : 25 June 20203 min reading time

Civil or republican baptism, lay baptism takes all kinds of names. The ceremony is an alternative to its religious counterpart. Celebrated in a town hall, this practice has no legal value. Moreover, it does not appear in any official register. However, more and more parents decide to undertake it. They then choose a godfather and a godmother to mark the symbolism. It is difficult to get away from the clichés of gifts. We’ll tell you more about it below.

An original toy chest

A fun and affordable storage unit is a great place to start. Toys can be a source of annoyance for parents. Scattered around the house, they create clutter and can cause them to fall out unexpectedly. A storage cabinet can solve the problem, and not just any toy. Featuring their favorite cartoon heroes, the combo is perfect. Animal figures and bright colours will help them wake up. Several models are available in store and there is something for everyone. They optimize space and will please parents and babies alike. Some models are equipped with compartments for easy filing. Reliable and secure, these boxes are perfect for a secular christening gift.

A savings account book for a secure future

Opening a savings account is a novel idea that hasn’t yet fallen into favour. It is especially suitable for guests who are part of the immediate family. Of course, the baby’s future is in mind and this account would be a new start for the household. In the near future, the parents will have to support the household and the expenses related to the child. His schooling, school trips and little whims cost money. Small savings can help manage finances. Parents certainly expect toys and clothing. This gift is sure to be a real surprise. As a bonus, a nice photo album would be ideal to avoid going empty-handed. They cost next to nothing, but it’s the thought that counts.

A silver bracelet

The bracelet is a classic baptismal gift. However, we never get tired of them since these ornaments please everyone. Made of solid silver, it is possible to inscribe a small touching message on it. The symbolism will be all the more successful. Most people engrave the baby’s name or date of baptism on it. Such a beautiful attention will touch the parents in the heart. Available in a variety of designs, it is a personalized jewellery piece that will undoubtedly create the desired effect. A gift like this will leave no one indifferent. Different brands offer interesting price ranges for guaranteed quality. They are worth enough, but when you love, you don’t count.

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