You send out announcements to let your family and friends know about an event that is important. For a birth announcement, which is an event of great joy and importance for, one wishes to have all one's happiness reflected in this text. To do this, you have to choose your words and the decoration that will go with it.

The format

If we want to put our own idea on paper to have the birth announcement of our dreams, there are professional shops in the field that can do that. This card will be the image of your family and you alone. You can for example put a picture of the baby with the card. Or choose a photo and have it accompanied by a small cheap baby item such as a small pair of socks or gloves. On the card, you can put small information about the baby at birth, such as his height and weight. And of course, don't forget his date of birth. If the newcomer already has a big brother or sister, you can also make a small collage of their photos together as siblings.

A surprise box!

You can put candy, cookies or other sweets in it. The little box can be decorated with the baby's name, stickers and any other decoration that comes to mind. Your card can also be shaped like a blue or pink panty depending on your child's gender. But it can also be in the colour of your choice. To simulate a confetti bomb, you can put a picture of baby with his name and anything else you want to write with confetti in an envelope. The card can also be decorated with drawings of small multicoloured insects. The best would be a caterpillar since it has different body parts that you can complete with the information about the little one.

The design

You can also offer your loved ones a small message box that you can make yourself. The content and colours, as well as the decorations that will adorn it are up to you. With the arrival of a new family member, you are on a cloud of joy. Why not make it the theme of your card? Let's put the little one on a little cloud on the card. You can also make your birth announcement in the form of a little notebook. You can put pictures of the baby alone as well as with the family in it. The whole thing is always decorated according to your wishes and inspiration. You can send the little notebook in an envelope or as is to all the recipients of your choice.