Gift Ideas for Newborns and Young Parents and Young Parents

Gift Ideas for Newborns and Young Parents and Young Parents

Nice original birth gifts to give to a baby boy to welcome him.

Trendy and original gift ideas and personalized gifts for twins and twins.

Beautiful and original birth gifts for girls to spoil and please a newcomer.

To prolong the pleasure of the surprise
Birth gift for dad

Traditionally the mother gives the father a nice gift to celebrate the arrival of the baby. Cufflinks with the children’s first names, a beautiful watch, a personalized mug to tell him at each wake-up call that he is the best dad or a frame for the first moments between baby and dad and many other ideas…

Mums are automatically spoiled when they give birth, but not necessarily dads. Inspirations to give dads the congratulations they deserve. You can give him a book “The Beginner’s Guide to Daddy”, a sticker for his car, a t-shirt or a personalised sweatshirt. You can choose from our selection.

Convenient birth gifts
Deckchairs and mats
Offer baby an activity mat for his mental and motor development or a deckchair, the parents’ multifunctional partner.
Clothes and blanket
Buy a gift online: a piece of clothing (body, pyjama, personalised t-shirt, hat…) or a blanket to protect yourself from the cold.
Sleeping bags and bath sets
A gift to keep baby warm after the bath, such as capes or bathrobes and with winter sleeping bags and turbulettes.
A mother-baby thalasso
Among the common gifts, if you have a good budget, you can offer mum and baby an extended stay in a thalasso.

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